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Sam Pepper Exposed

By lacigreen

I’ve been hearing a lot about Sam Pepper. I didn’t knew him before this whole mess and the last video… I’ve been trying to inform myself, about what he did, what he have done.

When I saw this video, I decided to go deeper and watch the other videos of youtubers, look in the internet for stories and yes, I decided to watch the anonymous videos of other girls who have encountered Sam Pepper.

This was already a serious topic for me, a man sexually assaulting women on the street and playing it off as a prank. It’s worse. This man is actually dangerous and I’m terrified for other women like me, who little while ago had no idea of who this man was. If someone like me ever met him and just knew he was a famous youtuber and have no idea of what he’s capable of.

If you decide to watch the anonymous videos or read the stories, I can tell you it’s not for sensible people. Some of them have explicit content.

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